5 Tips for Boarding Your Dog in Sonora, CA

Do you have a trip coming up that may require you to board your dog? Are you wondering how to prepare your dog for the boarding experience or how to go about the process in the first place? Boarding your dog can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

In the article below, you’ll find a few tips to help you get ready for boarding your dog. Read on to find out more!

Dog Boarding in Sonora, CA

1. Practice Ahead of Time

If you’ve never left your dog alone for very long or if your dog is simply inexperienced with the process, you should practice ahead of time. Try leaving your dog at home alone for a half hour at first, then slowly build up to six hours or for as long as your pet can hold his bladder.

By practicing ahead of time, you can figure out whether your dog is going to have any problems with being boarded. You can talk with your veterinarian to figure out management options for separation anxiety if it occurs in your dog.

2. Get Vaccinations Up to Date

Your dog will need to be up to date on all his vaccinations before he is boarded at any facility. Your dog will need to be vaccinated for rabies and Bordetella as well as many other diseases. Different kennels have different requirements that may include vaccinations for parvovirus, distemper, canine influenza, and more. Talk to the boarding location ahead of time to find out for sure which shots your dog needs to have.

3. Test Your Dog with Other Dogs

If you’re unsure as to how your dog may interact with other dogs at the boarding facility, you can test his reaction to other dogs by taking him to the dog park. This will also give him a chance to socialize and learn how to behave with other dogs.

Additionally, you might want to try leaving your dog at a dog daycare a few times before the boarding stay. This will get him used to being left at a new location and will also give him a chance to practice getting along well with other dogs, too.

4. Prepare Items From Home

Gather items from home for your dog before the boarding stay. Provide your dog with a blanket and toys from home and consider bringing his dog bed to the kennel if you can do so. Give your dog these items a few weeks before his stay so they will smell familiar to him when he is boarded.

Most boarding facilities will not allow dogs to have access to toys while unsupervised. Ask your boarding facility what their policies are on letting dogs have their toys from home, as this may change the items you can bring along.

5. Bring Enough Food, Treats, and Medication

Finally, make sure you gather enough food, treats, and medication for your pet before the boarding stay. You will need to bring extras of all these items just in case they are needed for any reason. You will also need to provide the boarding facility with detailed, written instructions on how much food and how many treats to provide per day as well as dosage for your dog’s medication.

The boarding facility will sometimes provide bowls but will sometimes require you to bring these from home. Ask ahead to find out the policies for your kennel.

Book Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

As always, be sure to speak with your vet for more information if you have any questions or concerns about boarding your dog while you are away from home. Your vet knows your individual dog and will be able to give you the proper information and answers to make the experience easier for you and your dog.

Don’t forget, too, to provide the boarding facility with your dog’s up to date vet records. They will need to know about his health and maintenance, so this is important for them.

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