Cat and Dog Euthanasia in Sonora

Saying goodbye to a pet can be a difficult experience for a pet owner and a family. After all, pets are part of the family, too. As pet owners ourselves, we at Live Oak Veterinary Hospital understand the heartache that comes with having a pet reach its final life stage. That’s why, in addition to offering cat and dog euthanasia services at our hospital, we offer at-home cat and dog euthanasia as well. We want your pet to transition over the “rainbow bridge” as peacefully and comfortably as possible, whether it’s in your home or our comfort room.

What to Expect

Before we begin the cat or dog euthanasia process, we take time to address any concerns you may have, so please feel free to ask any questions during this time. We also discuss your wishes for aftercare and memorialization. Our goal is to make you and your pet as comfortable as possible during this difficult process while allowing you to remember your pet in the way you choose after they pass on.

The first step in caring for your pet is to give them an injection of pain medication and sedatives. Over the course of 5 to 10 minutes, your pet will become sedated and pain-free, still aware of your presence but free of anxiety. Once adequately sedated, the veterinarian will give an intravenous overdose of anesthetic. After your pet has passed on, you are free to spend as much time as you need visiting. After you leave, we will treat your pet with the utmost respect and ensure that the care for your pet’s remains is carried out according to your wishes.

Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule your cat or dog’s euthanasia in East Sonora by calling us at 209-432-9437. Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding details about this service, or any of our other services. We’ll be happy to help.