Online Pet Pharmacy in Sonora

Live Oak Veterinary Hospital is proud to partner with Vetsource, a trusted online pharmacy which will ship your pet’s medications right to your door. Vetsource works directly with manufacturers and veterinarians to ensure the products you receive for your pet are legitimate, sourced directly from the manufacturer, and are backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee. For example, this means if your pet gets a heartworm infection despite giving prevention, the manufacturer will pay for tests and treatment. Other sites do not carry this guarantee and may only refund the cost of the product.

Because of the steadily increasing amount of counterfeit products found online, Live Oak Veterinary Hospital will no longer call in prescriptions or accept a faxed prescription request from other online pharmacies. If you choose to use a pharmacy outside of Live Oak Veterinary Hospital or Vetsource, Dr. Luce will provide a written prescription which you may mail into the pharmacy of your choice. Please ask a team member if you have questions about our online pharmacy policy.



“But other websites seem so much cheaper.”

Other online pharmacies sometimes offer discounts on the first purchase, but the manufacturer discounts in our Vetsource store are always available. This means you end up saving more over time with Vetsource than you will on other websites.

“How is my pet’s prescription approved?”

When you request a prescription through our online pharmacy, we receive and approve your prescription right away so it can be shipped as soon as possible. With other online pharmacies, you have to mail in a written prescription.


You can also schedule regular deliveries of your pet’s medications and food with no shipping charges so you’ll never have to worry about running out again.

Remind Me

Single doses of flea, tick, and heartworm medications arrive at your front door each month on the day your pets need them. So you won’t ever forget to give your pet its medication which greatly increases the medication’s effectiveness. You also have the added convenience of paying for each dose individually.