Animal Hospital and Veterinarian Near Copperopolis, CA

You deserve to have a veterinarian who listens to your concerns and takes time to truly understand your needs and your pet’s. At Live Oak Veterinary Hospital near Copperopolis, CA, we have several–and they abide by the highest standards set in veterinary medicine. Together, our team makes every pet a priority, and we truly love what we do. We also have pets, and like you, want only the best treatment for them for life. Our animal hospital offers an array of veterinary services built around improving and maintaining your pet’s health to the fullest, and keeping illness at bay as much as possible.

Our Veterinary Services Near Copperopolis, CA for Dogs and Cats

Giving your pet the best life takes work and commitment, and we’re just as committed as you are to meeting their needs and more.

To set them up for a long healthy life, we offer these and other veterinary services:

Cat at our animal hospital near Copperopolis, CA

Why Choose an AAHA Accredited Animal Hospital Near Copperopolis, CA?

 Live Oak Veterinary Hospital complies with over 900 different veterinary standards to deliver the highest level of care to you and your pet. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) leads the way in promoting the safest, most effective and most ethical practices for veterinarians to follow. Accreditation demonstrates that a hospital has chosen to abide by these practices in every respect, and continues to do so year after year–and that’s what we do.

Choosing an AAHA accredited hospital means that you expect nothing less than excellent care and service from your veterinary care providers. It means that you and your four-legged family member will have a team of professionals in your corner listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and providing treatment for your pet that is tailored to best serve their needs. To learn more about our accreditation and what it entails, we invite you to call us today at (209) 432-9437!